Custom leads, why? With competition getting stiffer by the day, effective marketing campaigns now require custom leads that are targeted down to the smallest factor – in other words, a laser targeted niche. Custom leads will consistently produce the best quality results and the highest probable ROI. Our custom telemarketing leads, email lists, business contacts and marketing lists come from our thorough lead generation tactics which are coupled with unique and effective programs that give us access to thousands of fresh niche-specific custom leads. Below are a few of the services our team can help you with to give your campaigns that edge;

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Simply put, if you have a target niche we can probably compile the most ideal custom leads list for your specific requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these exclusive leads or generic lists?

All leads, except for the pre-generated leads are all custom leads that we will generate for you according to the criteria indicated. 

Do you buy leads from other providers?

In order for us to guarantee the quality of the leads we deliver to our clients, we  do not accept externally sourced data lists and leads.

How do I pay & how long does it take to get my leads?

Most of our custom leads are delivered within 24 hours, unless the order is a large one. we accept all major card types – Visa/Mastercard, debit and credit cards along with PayPal, BTC, altcoins and bank to bank transfers. 

What format are the leads delivered in?

All custom leads you buy from us, will come in CSV format, which means the list will work seamlessly with most dialer systems and CRMs. Our lists are also compatible with Excel.

How do you verify your business and consumer leads?

For contact numbers we use a program to call the numbers to ensure they are working, for emails, we test the emails to ensure they are correct. 

How reliable are your business and consumer leads?

Our custom leads are generated from some of the top business and social platforms, this alone makes our data highly credible and justifies why it is loved by many.

What if some of my leads are not valid?

All our custom leads are covered by our best practices policy, which entitles customers to free replacement leads should any of  the ordered leads be found to not match the specified criteria.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we have a strict no refund policy, however we do provide free replacement leads for contacts that are not accurate or not functional.

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