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 Looking for reliable telemarketing leads or Australia email lists?

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At Australian Telemarketing Leads we know that finding the ideal lead generation services  or effective telemarketing leads can be a daunting challenge.


We make this hurdle a lot easier by providing a comprehensive conversation with you to discuss your needs. We do this to establish whether you require cold calling telemarketing leads services, lead generation services, sales leads or appointment setting.


From there, we will show you exactly how we set up an effective marketing system that strategically scours your target audience and gets you fresh international and Australian leads.


If your sole focus is Australian leads or global telemarketing leads, that you will be happy to know that before we expanded to cover over 80 countries, we focused on the Australian market for many years and literally know a bulk of avenues you can use to connect with the right prospects.


Sometimes it is not only about having the right data, the right voice, the right time and the approach are crucial particularly with Australian Leads. That market is unique in its own way, like any other market and a cookie cutter approach will leave your campaigns resorting to bottom of the barrel strategies to get conversions.


Contact us today for a free consultation on how you can get Australian leads or international lists to react positively to your marketing campaigns, whether you are using telemarketing leads or email lists.


For business and consumer lists you can sample, click here.



How Does Your lead generation system WOrk?

Over the past 15 years, we have customised a variety of marketing campaigns to fit our clients’ individual needs.  They range from face to face appointment setting, phone appointments for financial planners and superannuation financial advisor services, surveys, market research, insurance x-date acquisition, membership drives, class action lawsuits, political, customer service follow up, fundraising, data cleansing, email harvesting…..the list goes on.

With us running your marketing campaigns you get an entire marketing team and back office solution for pennies on the dollar without compromising quality.

appointment setting AND LEAD GENERATION?

A common question that may cross your mind is why companies outsource their cold calling to telemarketing companies? When you look at it from a productivity and financial perspective, it’s the smart way to do business. You shouldn’t be struggling to do something yourself if someone else can do it better, for less money while improving your productivity.

As marketing of all kinds, including telemarketing and email marketing, has become more competitive, it is essential to make sure that you are targeting the right decision makers at the right companies.

How Effective ARE YOUR B2B AND B2C Telemarketing LISTS?

If you deliver a specific message to the right decision makers, at the right time,  your marketing campaign will have a much better chance at being successful. This means that you have to narrow your telemarketing list selection down very carefully. Knowing how to filter your telemarketing lists and avoiding tyre kickers is a very handy skill in this sector. Australian leads, whether they are B2B or B2C both follow the same norms when one is doing lead generation activities. 

Telemarketing Leads and Telemarketing lists

Australian Telemarketing Leads provides both raw telemarketing lists and premium business leads which we have harvested from our first year in operation to present day.
Our business lists, residential lists and business leads are some of the leading and most trusted Australian leads for lead generation  and appointment setting campaigns that are available for Australian Marketing.

We continue to give you considerable value by ensuring our lists are not only valuable to your business, but also affordable B2B lists, b2c lists and genuine Australian leads. With our b2b lists and b2c list database, you will have access to the most current and reliable contact details on the web today. Nowhere you will find more regularly updated, complete Australian marketing lists than

  • How often do you collect new data and refresh your lists?

    Our consumer data lists are refreshed every 3 months, this is to help in weeding out numbers that have been added to the DNC list. However, our business lists are updated twice a year.

  • How are your business and consumer lists generated?

    For our business data, we compile it from multiple publicly displayed sites like Yellow Pages and multiple other business platforms like LinkedIn. We also run in-house telemarketing campaigns to generate and authenticate the business data we provide.

    Our consumer leads are generated through telemarketing and are filtered through the the standard DNC database every 3 months.

  • How do I download my list after I have paid?

    Some of our standard lists and free business list samples are available for immediate download after payment has been received and verified. This normally takes a few minutes. However, for premium and special lists we deliver the data within 3 hours to 24 hours by email, in excel format.

  • Can you help me decide which list my business is best suited to market my service or products?

    Gladly! Our support team is available to help you with information to help guide your campaign. However, if you would like a one-on-one consultation call with one of our directors, click here.

  • Can you provide custom data?

    Yes. Despite having over 200 types of leads and data lists on our website, we have many other lists in our databases. Furthermore, we can also generate fresh data for you depending on your needs. Simply let us know what you need, here.

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