Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services In Australia

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation


Having been in the business of telemarketing for well over 10 years, we at Australian Telemarketing Leads are equipped with the experience and telemarketing solutions to offer a diverse range of programs including appointment setting and lead generation, client and prospect surveying, market research and surveys, data cleansing and follow-up, and prospect pre-qualification. Small businesses utilise our telemarketing solutions to cost-effectively grow their businesses, while large corporations find our increased business efficiency a welcome addition to their bottom line. No matter the size of your business, we have a telemarketing program that can work for you, particularly if you are looking for appointment setting and lead generation.


What We Do For You


When we take on appointment setting and lead generation campaigns we focus not only on getting you leads, but also building a professional relationship with you to give you that peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in good hands. We value communication so we also ensure that each campaign has an account manager assigned to it who will be a phone call or email away ready to attend to our needs.

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services In Australia

We have lead generating experts that can create a marketing plan that fits your exact needs. Watch your sales numbers increase with accurate, pre-qualified leads. Let Australian Telemarketing Leads be your telemarketing  solution – freeing up you and your sales force, to do what you do best – sell your goods and services. Spend less time managing multiple lead systems, marketing vendors, and personnel – and enjoy more time closing new business!


Our Reputation as a Telemarketing Company


The success we have achieved in delivering telemarketing services would not have been possible without the right tools, technology, experience and passionate people. Many of our most satisfied customers were relieved of the hassle of managing their own in house appointment setting and lead generation ventures. Like many other things in business, it seems much easier than it actually is. If you don’t really know what you’re doing, you can end up with a big payroll liability and an even bigger phone bill. With Australian Telemarketing Leads you will grow your business and increase your marketshare!


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