Marketing Consultation, Telemarketing Script Writing & Other Services

Marketing Consultation, Telemarketing Script Writing & Other Services


Australian Telemarketing Leads also assists business owners in identifying improvement opportunities including goal setting, profit improvement, definition of objectives, and provides the strategies to deliver the desired results. Small business owners are faced with a changing market place. As such, deciding on the best and most cost effective marketing and communications investment is more critical than ever.

Our mindset, and personality profiles, are results oriented. This means that clients can rely on real-world experience and determination to get to the heart of each issue and drive hard until the desired results are achieved. We believe it is imperative to do it now, and do it right, starting with the most important aspects first.

Our consultants have over 30 years of real-world marketing, operations and executive experience in a wide range of business types from small start ups to large corporations, domestic and foreign.



  • Marketing Consultation

    The proposal will cover the key areas of the work to be done including objectives to be accomplished, and results to be delivered. On every assignment, each client receives intense focus, superb problem solving techniques, and unbiased, objective counsel.

    Our team goes further by studying your company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs. Conducting marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities. Developing and implementing a marketing strategy according to your objectives and budget.

  • Telemarketing Script Writing

    When looking at effective telemarketing script writing, it really comes down to what you say and how you say it.

    This is the route you want to take instead of bombarding prospects with your sales pitch however good you think your product or service is. Knowing your target market, the preferred vocabulary, using the right tone of voice and the transition you employ all work together to determine your chances of capturing and retaining the interest of your prospect, long enough to convert.

    For assistance with telemarketing script writing, click here.

  • Get Your Article Published

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