A simple google search will let you know, usually in technical jargon, what SEO is. Over the years I have explained this to various people from all walks in life in different industries and noticed a number of them nod like I do when my daughter is telling me about the Kardashians – clueless. Hopefully this unorthodox explanation will make it easier for you to explain to your peers what SEO is.

Think back to when you were growing up, there was that one member of the community who was highly respected and often associated with good moral character. This person’s opinions were highly valued and in cases taken as facts – let’s call that person Google.

Whenever someone needed a mechanic, painter, electrician, doctor or babysitter Google was the person to go to. Whoever this person referred you to was almost always a good service provider – we will refer to you as the targeted traffic.

To stay in good books with Google all these service providers would visit Google, give Google a gift or two now and again, as well as occasionally have good, meaningful chats with Google so that their bond would be stronger – this is what we call content.

When service providers were found to be inconsistent, giving out false information or not honoring their word, Google would get upset. This would lead to Google either ignoring them for a lengthy period or re referring people to their competitors until the service providers won over Google again. Re-establishing good relations with Google was a feat would always take some time and a lot of butt-kissing to achieve – these are what we call Google penalties for bad content and unethical or blackhat SEO practices like spammy backlinks.

That pretty much sums up what SEO is and how it works, in a non-technical way. Keep in mind that where Google is concerned content is king, just as your character and reputation matter a great deal to a respected and valued middle party when making referrals.

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