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Business List For Any Country


If you need a large business list of contact details (with a phone number and email address) in any country for your marketing or research needs, then this is the service you have been looking for.

Though we have a huge database of over 25 million businesses worldwide, we also get the data from real time directories, to ensure that your business list contains as many current businesses as possible.

Your business list can consist of Restaurants, Lawyers, Dentists r any business type you prefer in any country or state.

Your business list will come with the following fields that we extract from public directories like yellow pages and yelp. Please note that some contacts may not have all the fields as shown below;

Business type
– Business name
– Phone number
– Fax number (if available)
Email (if available)
– Website (if available)
– Address

All lists are delivered within 24 – 48 hours depending on the complexity of the task.



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